Shane Ross

The Untouchables

The Untouchables

The people who helped wreck Ireland - and are still running the show


In March of 2011, the Irish people elected a new government. But how much has really changed?

In The Untouchables, Shane Ross and Nick Webb shine a light into dark corners of official Ireland to show that the blame for running the country into the ground goes well beyond Fianna Fail, that a dismaying number of the people who should share the blame are still in situ, and that the bad old mindsets haven't been shifted. They detail the destructive culture of cronyism that afflicts so much of Irish life, from the boards of the leading companies to the appointment of judges. They trace how the same civil servants, estate agents and bankers who presided over the crash have in many cases been rewarded with important new jobs. They investigate the workings of the law firms, lobbyists and consultancies that seem to have their fingers in every pie. They name names, trace connections, and show how the untouchables managed to do so much damage, and how they have held on to power and influence in Ireland.

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