Stuart Diamond

Getting More

Getting More

How You Can Negotiate to Succeed in Work and Life


Sometimes, it makes more sense to lose today in order to win tomorrow. What do you do when you know what you want, but you have no idea how to get it?

'The greatest negotiation book of all time.
' Inc. Magazine

Never walk away. Learn to listen, then learn to understand, then learn to win.

Negotiation is part of every human encounter, and most of us do it badly. Whether dealing with family, a business, or diplomacy, people often fail to meet their goals in every country and context. They focus on power and "win-win" instead of relationships and perceptions. They don't find enough things to trade. They think others should be rational when they should be dealing with emotions. They get distracted from their goals.

In this revolutionary and seminal bestselling book, leading negotiation practitioner, coach and professor Stuart Diamond shows how emotional intelligence, perceptions, cultural diversity and collaboration produce four times as much value as old-school, conflictive, power, leverage and logic. Drawing on thirty-plus years of research involving 30,000 people across 45 countries - ranging from political and corporate leaders to administrative assistants, lawyers, housewives, students, and labourers - he outlines specific, practical and better ways to deal with others. To this, he adds his 40-year experience as a corporate executive, Harvard-trained attorney, and Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist.

Getting More is based on Professor Diamond's award-winning negotiations course at The Wharton Business School, where it has been the most sought-after course by students for almost two decades. It contains a powerful toolkit that can be used in any situation: with kids and jobs, travel and shopping, business, politics, relationships, cultures, partners and competitors. His advice is brought to life in an accessible and entertaining manner through the stories of hundreds of people who have used the toolkit with great success.

'From advising on how to negotiate with terrorists, to industrial disputes, to children, Diamond's twelve rules of negotiation promise to open new doors every day.' Radio One

'Practical, immediately applicable and highly effective.' Evan Wittenberg, co-founder of TRUE and former Head of Global Leadership Development at Google

'I rely on Stuart Diamond's negotiation tools every day.' Christian Hernandez, venture capitalist and former Head of International Business Development at Facebook