Andrew Taylor

The Anatomy of Ghosts

The Anatomy of Ghosts


1786, Jerusalem College, Cambridge.

The ghost of murdered Sylvia Whichcote is sighted prowling the grounds by fellow commoner Frank Oldershaw. As he appears to be descending into madness, Frank's anxious mother employs John Holdsworth - a stingingly vocal sceptic - to investigate the sighting, throwing the uneasy status quo at Jerusalem into chaos.

As Holdsworth sees the sinister Holy Ghost Club govern the privileged life at Jerusalem, he realises it rules Jerusalem more effectively than even its Master, Dr Carbury. With the ghost of his dead wife, Maria, and Elinor, the very-much-alive Master's wife, now haunting his movements, Holdworth's fate is sealed. He must unravel the circumstances surrounding Sylvia's death . . . or the hauntings will continue.

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