Sarah Harte

Thick and Thin

Thick and Thin


'An extremely talented, elegant writer. Wise and intuitive and gets right to the heart of people's lives with great honesty and maturity' Marian Keyes

As students, Marianne Dillon and Clare McMahon become instant and unlikely friends. Marianne is bold and irreverent; Clare shy and modest, but somehow their personalities just click.

Through twenty-five years of love and loss, successes and disappointments, marriage and motherhood, Marianne and Clare are there for each other. The secret of their friendship, they believe, is that they are complete opposites.

But when a life-altering crisis hits their relationship - a crisis that involves their husbands, children and indeed the lives they have created - the crack that was there all along tears them apart.

Each must face disaster without the support of the best friend she would always turn to. Is it possible that a relationship that was so central to their lives was built on sand? And can they rescue something from the wreckage?

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