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Pu Pu Hot Pot

Pu Pu Hot Pot

The World's Best Restaurant Names


Savour the culinary delights of:

A SALT & BATTERY (New York, USA). Chef's tip: Don't make eye contact with him.
LITTLE DROOLING BEAR FOOD (Zhongshan, Shanghai). Menu: Lost in translation.
JASON DONERVAN (UK, roaming). Especially for you: Kebabs on the go, or to share with neighbours.
COFFEE ANNAN (Trondheim , Norway). UN Peacekeepers were sent in to relieve Americano drinkers.
PHO SHIZZLE (Cambridge, Canada). Serves excellent Vietnamese wraps and beets.
B.O CAFE (Grasse, France). Full of fresh aromas.
THAI TANIC (Washington DC, USA). Our tip: Avoid the Iceberg Lettuce.
LORD OF THE FRIES (Melbourne, Australia). House rules: Children must be accompanied by an adult.
PU PU HOT POT (Boston, USA). The critics say: Chinese food guaranteed to put fire in your belly.