Khoi Tu



How to Take Your Team to the Top


When Disney shutdown production on Toy Story, how did Pixar save it?
What turned sworn rivals into a winning Ryder Cup team?
Why is the Stones' longevity down to Mick and Keith's rivalry?

These are the stories behind the world's greatest superteams. In seven fascinating case studies, Khoi Tu investigates why it is that some teams excel, endure, and overcome insuperable odds. How they deliver the impossible and remain loyal to one another in the very best - and worst - of circumstances.

From Ferarri Formula One to the Iranian Embassy Siege Team, from the Red Cross in Haiti to the Northern Ireland Peace Process negotiators, you'll learn the secrets of the superteams: how to build a team from scratch, work powerfully together, and perform at your peak. Go stellar with your own superteam.

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