Dan Abnett

Brink: Volumes 1-3

Brink: Volumes 1-3

The Classic 2000 AD Graphic Novel, in Full-Cast Audio for the First Time


Late 21st century and Earth has been reduced to an uninhabited wasteland. What was left of humanity was evacuated into overpopulated space stations, or 'Habitats'. A hotbed for crime and strange new religious sects, the Habitat Security Division has no shortage of work.
No-nonsense Investigator Bridget Kurtis soon finds herself embroiled in a life or death struggle with a sinister cult, and what she uncovers has disturbing implications for the future of the human race...
Featuring Nina Sosanya, Richard Armitage, David Warner, Indira Varma, Pippa Bennett-Warner alongside a full cast, fans and newcomers alike will be transported to the gritty audio world of 'Bridge' and her colleagues for an immersive listening experience like no other.
c) p) 2021 Penguin Audio and Rebellion Publishing

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