Scarlett O'Kelly

Paying for It

Paying for It

How Turning Tricks Paid the Mortgage, Kept the Kids in Trainers and Gave Me Back My Life


Facing financial meltdown, mother of three Scarlett O'Kelly did what the average woman would find unthinkable: she became an escort and this is the explicit, astonishing and compulsive story of her year living a double life.

There was the sex, which, surprisingly for Scarlett, could have unexpected pleasures. Then the clients - ordinary men who worried that they had to hide their sexual needs, desires and fantasies from their wives or girlfriends. Not to mention her realisation that women just like her could build stronger relationships if they could let go their hang-ups in and out of bed. And there's the high price Scarlett paid for her double life - one she is still coming to terms with.

Paying For It is a raw, intimate and powerful story of one brave woman's sacrifice in a time of hardship.