Jesse Armstrong and Sam Bain

Fresh Meat

Fresh Meat

The Essential Guide for New Undergraduates/the Future Unemployed

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What's the secret to JP's sexual prowess? How does Howard beat the buffet every time? What does Vod really think about drink, drugs and Salman Rushdie? And will Kingsley's diary spill his true feelings for Josie? (hopefully not as stomach-churning as Oregon's sext messages with Professor Shales ... )

This is a real guide to the first year of student life - the one the preachy official brochures and prospectuses don't tell you about. From UCAS applications to moving into a student house, from freshers' week to choosing courses and, more importantly, friends, the book records every detail - disgusting, exciting, tragic and triumphant - as the young ones stumble through university life. A scrap book of diary entries, emails, manifestos (including Howard's Rules for Everything) and guidelines it is crammed with saucy text messages, music playlists, facebook profiles, essays, poems, photos, drawings and paintings, as well as the housemates' musings on life, uni and everything.

From Jesse Armstrong and Sam Bain, the acclaimed writers of Peep Show, this is the ultimate companion to Fresh Meat, the Best New British Comedy of 2011, starring Jack Whitehall, Robert Webb and Joe Thomas.