Jeannette Jackson

The Drop Zone Diet

The Drop Zone Diet


'I designed the Drop Zone Diet as a scientist. I wrote it as a woman'

It's rapid -- it's intense -- and it WORKS.

It's the celebrity secret -- it's the diet originally designed for celebrities and models looking to shed the weight fast for a photoshoot or casting. The Drop Zone Diet offers you 'Intelligent Nutrition' as biochemist Jeannette Jackson combines foods with minimal calories but with maximal nutritional value to blast the pounds away and make you look and feel amazing.
It works with your body, leaving you vibrant, energised and radiant from the inside out.

After dropping a whopping 14lbs in 14 days you'll be in fabulous shape and motivated to transform your health and wellness long term. With an easy-to-follow guide to the science behind dieting and some fantastic and fool-proof advice, it's the once and for all plan to end the yo-yo dieting cycle.

There's no need for gimmicks, calorie counting, classes or sponsors. You just need you: passionate, prepped and ready to change your life once and for all ... and a little help from Jeannette, of course.

It's time to get in the zone!