Marisa Bennett

Fifty Shades of Pleasure

Fifty Shades of Pleasure

Sex Secrets that Hurt so Good


The kinky erotic romance novel Fifty Shades of Grey has swept the country, dominating news stories everywhere, with hundreds of thousands of books sold and a $5m movie deal in the pipeline.

Now a non-fiction companion book has arrived to help make fiction a reality!

Being a vanilla girl curious about BDSM (bondage, discipline, sadism, and masochism) can be intimidating. You're probably conjuring up images of dog collars, dungeon and a leather-clad man who calls himself Master DragonBallz. Fear not, there are ways for a normal girl to try this stuff out with her partner in the comfort of her own bedroom - with no dungeon required. With a light, playful tone, this book explains the basics of 30 light BDSM techniques, from spanking to bondage with silk scarves to dirty talk to blind-folding and light pinch-and-scratch. Each technique is embellilshed with an excerpt from the Kama Sutra or classic erotica, giving the book a spicy, thrilling component.

With tips, tricks and fun, easy advice from an expert, this discreet handbook is all you need to begin your own erotic adventure á la Fifty Shades of Grey - perhaps with your very own Christian Grey...