The Sorted Crew

Beginners Get . . . Sorted

Beginners Get . . . Sorted

Over 140 Simple, Tasty Recipes That Take the Fuss out of Food


The Sorted crew are a bunch of childhood friends who decided to help each other with their cooking dilemmas when they all left home to go to university. Now they are 24-year-old graduates and are broadcasting their recipes to thousands of viewers and subscribers to their Sorted food channel on YouTube - the most popular cookery channel on the site. With 800,000 views a month, the Sorted recipe demonstrations help you knock up meal after meal of cracking food, seasoned with a healthy dose of fun. Whether a complete recipe rookie, a busy parent in need of inspiration, or a student faced with a small food budget, the Sorted For Beginners book will help sort all of your own kitchen dilemmas. A perfect cookbook for those in need of some cooking confidence and inspiration.

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