Your Closest Friend

Karen Perry

Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.

Cara shouldn't have survived the attack.

But at the last moment, a stranger snatched her to safety.

In the hours that followed she told this Good Samaritan secrets she'd never told a soul.

Not even her husband . . .

In the aftermath, Cara is home, healed and safe.

Which is when the anonymous threats begin.

Someone knows things about her they shouldn't.

Cara's Good Samaritan offers to help her - to save her all over again.

That night Cara made a friend for life.

But what if she isn't a friend at all?



'Sizzles with tension and menace . . . a stunning read, better than Gone Girl'

'Riveting, entirely believable, suspense of the subtlest kind'

'It held my attention right to the final page. The final twist took my breath away'

'Probably my favourite book so far of 2018'

Can You Keep a Secret?

Karen Perry

Surviving the weekend depends on whether you can keep a secret . . .

Lindsey hasn't spoken to Rachel in twenty years, not since her brother's eighteenth birthday party at their parents' remote country house.

A night that shattered so many friendships - and left Rachel's father dead.

Now Thornbury Hall is up for sale, and the old gang are back there, together again.

A weekend to say goodbye to the old place, to talk about the past.

But twenty years of secrets aren't given up lightly. Some won't speak about what happened that night.

While others want to ensure that no one ever does.

*One of Red Magazine's Top Ten Crime Reads for Autumn*

Praise for Karen Perry

'Keeps us guessing until the very last page' Liz Nugent

'Intense psychological thrillers that explore emotional danger with relentless, surgical accuracy' Tana French

'Like Gone Girl . . . The most gripping thing I've read for ages' Evening Standard

Girl Unknown

Karen Perry

The ADDICTIVE THRILLER perfect for fans of Fiona Barton's The Child and Lisa Jewell's Then She Was Gone.

'I think you might be my father . . .'

Zoe Barry walks into Professor David Connelly's office and tentatively says these words.

The lives of his family - particularly his wife Caroline - are turned upside down by the arrival of this stranger.

A cuckoo in their nest

Zoe soon entangles herself in their world but her stories aren't quite adding up and Caroline isn't sure she can be trusted.

Is Zoe who she claims she is, or someone with a far darker agenda?

A daughter, a sister, a stranger . . .

By letting Zoe in, David and Caroline aren't the only ones who are vulnerable.

They're risking the lives of the most precious thing in the world - the lives of their children . . .

. . . a killer?

Praise for Girl Unknown

'This story of psychological attrition builds to an incredibly tense finale - before delivering an amazing final twist. Riveting stuff' Sunday Mirror

'Full of intrigue and incident and keeps us guessing until the very last tragic page' Liz Nugent, bestselling author of Lying in Wait

'Karen Perry writes intense psychological thrillers that explore emotional danger with relentless, surgical accuracy, and this may be their best yet' Tana French, bestselling author of The Trespasser

'One of the most richly satisfying psychological thrillers of 2016, a book that hooks the reader from the first page' Irish Independent

'A taut, tense psycho-gripper' Sunday Sport


Karen Perry

When Zoe Barry walks into Professor David Connolly's office and announces that she is his daughter, he is left reeling. Suddenly his family - imperfect, flawed, but working - is trying to find space for someone new.

But Zoe's stories don't quite add up and lies become indistinguishable from truths. The family struggle to make sense of whether she is a sister, a daughter, a friend, an enemy. But no one could have expected where it all might end.

Because they have let into their home a girl that they do not know. And now everything they have built has begun to violently, determinedly, break apart.

Only We Know

Karen Perry

From the bestselling author of The Boy That Never Was and Girl Unknown, Only We Know is a gripping novel that shows just how dangerous our childhood secrets can be.

In 1982, on a once-in-a-lifetime holiday beneath the stifling heat of the midday sun, three children start a game that ends in tragedy.

Now, thirty years later, Nick, Luke and Katie are estranged, yet still bound together by the dark truth of what happened at the river that day.

Except some secrets won't stay buried.

And when Luke suddenly vanishes and the threatening messages begin, it seems that the strings of the past are tightening around them all. Because someone else knows what they did and is intent on seeking justice, at any cost . . .

Praise for Only We Know:

'Only We Know builds handsomely on the promise of The Boy That Never Was, plausibly and hauntingly exploring the extent to which guilt, shame and secrecy can shape, define and eventually destroy lives' Declan Burke, The Irish Times

'This is an intense and subtle story with some wonderfully poetic passages and a character driven plot which becomes more compelling as the sense of momentum gathers and the true version of events is slowly revealed. Gripping stuff' Sunday Mirror

'The power of Only We Know lies in the slow illumination of how, under their flimsy cloaks of adulthood, Katie and Nick and Luke are still the traumatised children of a long-ago day by a river, frozen in time by one event. It raises fascinating questions about who we are at heart, about the degree to which damage and guilt can shape our natures, and about whether - and how - we can be redeemed' Tana French

'Don't be surprised if you devour Only We Know in one sitting' Crime Fiction Lovers

The Gifts

Karen Perry

**Preorder Can You Keep A Secret? The next novel from Karen Perry, today**

From Karen Perry, the bestselling author of The Boy That Never Was, comes a short story about simple actions and terrible consequences.

Harry has allowed guilt to destroy his marriage, but someone else close to him and Robin is harbouring a tragic secret that could have changed everything . . .

Find out the truth in THE GIFTS, a compelling short story to be read alongside THE BOY THAT NEVER WAS. Also includes a sample of ONLY WE KNOW - the gripping new novel from Karen Perry.

The Boy That Never Was

Karen Perry

'Stunning' Simon Mayo Radio 2 Book Club

'A twist-filled page-turner' Closer

Three-year-old Dillon vanished in the middle of the night. His father Harry can't forgive himself for not protecting his only child. Yet Harry isn't blamed by his wife Robin: she bares her own secret guilt.
Five years later, thousands of miles away, Harry spots an eight-year-old boy in a crowd - a boy he is convinced is Dillon.

Desperate to find his missing son, Harry's obsession tears apart his marriage, exposing shameful secrets and shattering the one thing he and Robin had left - trust.

Why won't Robin believe Harry? What is she hiding? Can the boy really be Dillon? And how far will Harry go to find their lost son?

The Boy That Never Was is a deeply atmospheric and masterfully crafted tale of love and loss that will chill you to the bone.

Praise for The Boy That Never Was:

'The Boy That Never Was is that powerful thing, a beautifully written mystery driven by its exploration of the characters' innermost hearts' Tana French

'A truly remarkable novel . . . Written in a captivating, lyrical style and brilliantly structured, the story grips your heart from the first pages and simply never lets go' Jeffery Deaver

'This is a debut novel that will catch fire' Nelson DeMille

'A beautifully written, tense and twisty tale' Sunday Mirror

'Equal parts thriller, mystery and fascinating psychological study' Irish Times


Karen Perry is the Sunday Times bestselling author of Your Closest Friend, Can You Keep a Secret?, Girl Unknown, Only We Know and The Boy That Never Was, which was selected for the Simon Mayo Radio 2 Book Club. She lives in Dublin with her family.