• "One of the most terrifying books I've ever read. Move over Stephen King and Michael Crichton - this really happened, within sight of the Washington Monument. And sooner or later it will happen again"

    Arthur C. Clarke
  • "Reads like a nightmarish Stephen King thriller...It will keep you awake at night because you know that this is not a figment of the author's imagination"

  • "A nightmarish scenario...dramatic...frightening"

    Daily Mail
  • "The spookiest story of 1994...A terrifying premonition of what might come out of the woods"

    The Sunday Times
  • "The first chapter of The Hot Zone is one of the most horrifying things I've read in my entire life...And then it gets worse. What a remarkable piece of work. I devoured it in two or three sittings and have a feeling the memories will linger a long time"

    Stephen King

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