• "Laugh-out-loud funny."

    Joan Bakewell, Guardian
  • "Hilarious anecdotes aplenty . . . For many of his fans, this will be the first time they get to know the real, likeable, human Jonathan Ross, beneath all the banter and bluster."

    Heat magazine
  • "Fluent and entertaining . . . this is a very agreeable ramble through the lively thoughts of a non-smoking, now non-drinking family man with a talent to amuse and enthuse."

    David Sexton, Evening Standard
  • "Taking us through his quirky view on life, including fashion, diets and, er, sweetshops this book is guaranteed to make you laugh out loud."

    Woman magazine
  • "In between the adolescent porn tales and the hilarious diarrhoea anecdotes, he is funny and acute and full of ideas."

    Private Eye