• "John Burdett's Bangkok 8 was a magnificent début novel that breathed new life in to the thriller, thanks to the stunningly evoked milieu of Bangkok and to his Thai Buddhist detective - a true original - Sonchai Jitpleecheep. The sequel, Bangkok Tattoo is even better"

    The Observer
  • "This is a gripping East meets West thriller, not to be missed"

    The Sun
  • "Malay-influenced Muslim separatists and the internecine feud between the corrupt police chief and a drug-dealing general combine with oriental pragmatism, karma consciousness and the sex trade to make a cracking exotic read"

    The Times
  • "Burdett's attention to character and his studiously elegant prose style elevate this admittedly lurid work well above the usual raunchy thriller. Pensive, articulate Sonchai has a strong philosophical bent that makes him an excellent guide to the seamy Southeast Asian underworld"

    Entertainment Weekly
  • "Like no other novel that's come my way lately. Ironic, sexy and trailing an odour that reminds me of a Bangkok Street after hours ... Expect to be enlightened"

    Literary Review