• "'Relentless . . . an impressive and disturbing work of art'"

    Robert Nye, Literary Review
  • "'Precise and compelling . . . maintains a relentless hold on the reader's interest . . . a fable about versions of truth and moral responsibility. It also belongs to a very British tradition: the mapping of non-Europe as a nightmare world in which the European psyche confronts its own dark madness'"

    Aamer Hussein, Independent
  • "'Rendered in prose whose steadiness and transparency throw the dark turbulence of what is happening into damning relief'"

    Peter Kemp, The Sunday Times
  • "'A very gripping story . . . the reader is drawn in inexorably to discover what horror lies at the heart of it . . . an apocalyptic fable for today'"

    John Spurling, The Times Literary Supplement
  • "'Many respectable judges would put Edric in the top ten of British novelists currently at work . . . as a writer, he specialises in the delicate hint and the game not given away'"

    D.J. Taylor, Spectator