• "‘[Toni Morrison’s] irreverence was godly’"

  • "A triumph"

    Margaret Atwood, New York Times Book Review
  • "A magnificent achievement... An American masterpiece"

    A. S. Byatt, Guardian
  • "There is something great in Beloved: a play of human voices, consciously exalted, perversely stressed, yet holding true. It gets you"

    New Yorker
  • "Toni Morrison has created a frightening, beautiful and intensely exciting novel about America and its past. I am not able to think of a better one"

    London Review of Books
  • "A work of genuine force… Beautifully written"

    Washington Post
  • "Toni Morrison makes me believe in God. She makes me believe in a divine being, because luck and genetics don’t seem to come close to explaining her"