• "A masterpiece"

    Hugo Barnacle, Independent
  • "Alan Isler's novel has been compared with the works of Isaac Bashevis Singer and Saul Bellow... Can it possibly live up to such praise? It can, it does"

    Anita Brookner, Spectator
  • "Masterly, imaginative and provocatively disturbing in its effortless transitions between the comic and the tragic"

    Geoffrey Elborn, Guardian
  • "Hilariously funny...a wonderful acheivement. Not since the heyday of Bellow and Heller has language been used to such good effect, at once hilarious and profoundly humane. Not since Malamud have comedy and tragedy and pathos and romance come together so effortlessly"

    Gabriel Josipovici, Jewish Quarterly
  • "Poignant, comic and delightfully clever"