Rosemary Conley's New Inch Loss Plan

Rosemary Conley

YOU WON'T BELIEVE HOW EASY IT IS TO TRANSFORM YOUR SHAPE IN JUST 4 WEEKS. MODIFY YOUR LIFESTYLE-AND STAY SLIM FOREVER! ROSEMARY CONLEY'S NEW INCH LOSS PLAN is a completely revised and updated diet and progressive excersise programme that conforms to the latest medical and fitness guidelines and is designed to maximise inch loss from all your problem areas. It includes new diet menus, excersise routines and a fat table listing food to avoid. With positive goals to reach each day and a weight and inch loss record chart to check your success, the NEW INCH LOSS PLAN is easy to follow and to fit into any lifestyle. You can re-shape your figure in just one month. After 28 days, you'll see spectacular results - and you'll feel much healthier too. ROSEMARY CONLEY'S NEW INCH LOSS PLAN Simply the safest. . . . Simply the most effective. . . . SIMPLY THE BEST!
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  • Published 7th May 1998
  • 208 Pages
  • 192mm x 152mm x 14mm
  • 590g
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