• "The touch of a master novelist... Few have ever explored so imaginatively, or with such passionate attention to detail'"

    Sunday Telegraph
  • "Because so little is known, it is possible to speculate endlessly. If one's mind is a brilliant engine of speculation like Wroe's, then one is dazzlingly equipped to do so. Her book is excellent and discloses an intense imaginative sympathy, a lyricism, and a fine-tuned psychological perception"

    Daily Express
  • "Wroe is a creative, even a beautiful writer... It is a wonderfully enjoyable, rich, generous book"

    A.N.Wilson, Daily Mail
  • "Extraordinary and compelling"

    Victoria Glendinning, Daily Telegraph
  • "She manages always to keep Pilate living and breathing in the text, and occasionally kicking and screaming"

    Independent on Sunday