• "One of the most important works of American literature this century"

  • "Faulkner has inexhaustible invention, powerful imagination, and he writes like an angel"

    Arnold Bennett
  • "For range of effect, philosophical weight, originality of style, variety of characterisation, humour and tragic intensity [Faulkner's works] are without equal in our time and country"

    Robert Penn Warren
  • "Its unlike anything else in literature... The experience of reading it seemed closer to the experience of life than anything provided by a neatly contrived story line... After the war I read all I could of William Faulkner, and he continued to present some unique and, it seemed to me, valid way of looking at life"

    Nicholas Mosley, Guardian
  • "Not only was the book a kind of beginning for me, but that it endured still, it moved me deeply and remains "the damndest book I ever read""

    Niall Williams, Sunday Times