• "Pynchon's finest work yet...if anyone is still looking for the Great American Novel...then this may well be it"

    Brian Morton, Scotland on Sunday
  • "A rollicking, picaresque tale... playful, erudite and funny"

    New York Times
  • "Very grand and mad and beautiful...I can't remember ever having reviewed a more original novel... and if America produces a novel to come near this marvellous, proliferating thing this decade, I promise to eat it"

    Philip Hensher, Spectator
  • "Pynchon offers readers a trip as long and full of yearning as that of his heroes"

    New Yorker
  • "A hugely ambitous cases all of Mr Pynchon's gifts as a writer: his magical abilty to fuse history and fable, science and science fiction; his Swiftean grasp of satire and his vaudevillian's sense of farce. It's a book that testifies to his remarkable powers of invention and his sheer power as a storyteller... as moving as it is cerebral, as poignant as it is daring"

    New York Times