• "It holds the reader from the first page to the last. That - plus the beating of a long-needed historical path through the thickets of the early 1970s - makes it a truly special contribution to contemporary history."

    Peter Hennessy, The Times Educational Supplement
  • "I do not believe a better biography of Ted Heath will ever be written... We feel we know him."

    Matthew Parris, The Times Literary Supplement
  • "An outstanding book - over 800 pages and not a word wasted."

    John Bruton, Irish Independent
  • "Judicious, generous and finely written."

    Ben Pimlott, Independent on Sunday
  • "John Campbell's massive and highly impressive biography takes us a long way towards understanding this ambiguous but powerful figure [who has] shaped our affairs fundamentally over the past 30 years."

    Kenneth O. Morgan, New Statesman & Society