• "This is a book to provoke and entertain"

    Peter Millar, The Times
  • "Satrapi's drawings are sparing and highly stylised; she is able to render nuances of expression with simple, bold strokes... The stories are wittily told and show a side of life in Iran that is unknown to outsiders"

    Lydia Adetunji, Financial Times
  • "A daring and brilliantly calculated illumination of a secret space... Though Embroideries is not a continuation of the Persepolis story, it sits at the heart of the same world - a brutally policed society where an extraordinarily rich and inventive culture still prevails, if only behind closed doors, where women are wildly subversive, funny, free-thinking and sexy"

    Maureen Freely, Guardian
  • "This is Sex and the City, Middle-Eastern style - outrageous, explicit and funny"

    Kelly Knox, Time Out