• "The stature of Edwin Lutyens as an artist is beyond dispute; what remains tantalising is the psychology of that extraordinary man. Jane Ridley analyses his character and investigates his misdemeanours and the tragedy of his marriage with unsentimental acuity to create a compelling new biography of Britain's greatest architect"

    Gavin Stamp
  • "Jane Ridley's picture of the times is engrossingly full. Her story moves fast, the detail is well chosen, the architectural writing vigorous...a rich and enjoyable book"

    Jan Dalley, Financial Times
  • "Her remorselessly intelligent take on Lutyens is strangely uplifting...a beguilingly obdurate love story...What a complex man, what an architect - and what a good book"

    Jay Merrick, Independent
  • "This is an outstandingly good book, the best biography of an architect that I, at least, have ever read and as sad a story as Ford's The Good Soldier"

    Christopher Woodward, Spectator
  • "Jane Ridely makes us admire his passion, his education, his dedication, his integrity. This is a truly excellent biography, sympathetic but not uncritical, always interesting and at times absolutely gripping"

    Lynn Barber, New Statesman