• "Pearce is no idle Jeremiah...his book signals a shift of tone in the popular debate...The Last Generation makes you feel that we know enough now to conceive of the problems ahead. And anticipating a problem is half way to being able to do something about it."

    James Flint, The Daily Telegraph
  • "This is the most frightening book that I have ever read...everyone should read this book to find out what is going wrong with the world."

    John Gribbin, The Independent
  • "One of Britain's finest science writers. He is a sceptic of the best sort, saying nothing until he has seen the truth of it for himself."

    Richard Girling, The Sunday Times
  • "A crystal clear wake-up call from one of the finest science writers in the world."

    Dr Jeremy Leggett
  • "Apocalyptic in its vision, but never scare-mongering, The Last Generation superbly explains and dramatizes both the causes and the consequences of climate change. One reads it both gripped, and deeply alarmed."

    Robert Macfarlane