• "Rant is fast and true...and so funny that your facial muscles soon tire"

  • "This is a wonderful book and the author is never short of wonderful ideas - they fizz from every page. Palahniuk's world might be a freak-show, but it's one that makes a disturbing amount of sense"

    Daily Telegraph
  • "Palahniuk's fiction shows a rare bravery and occasionally hits true brilliance. Rant may not only be his best book yet, but the best by any novelist in some time"

    Sunday Herald
  • "The twisted genius behind Fight Club delivers another literary gem... It's a deranged, hiliarious and unique novel"

  • "It's a sort of Fight Club on wheels... When Palahniuk puts his foot on the throttle and pulls all the various voices towards a spectacular conclusion, in every sense, Rant quickly becomes a definite scream"

    Daily Mirror