• "What makes Bailey's book so readable is not only his grasp of strategy but his hold on tactics and personalities.... The Wildest Province...establishes him as a modern historian of great skill... Anyone interested in human nature under stress, or problems of counter-insurgency, or sheer adventure, will read it with profit"

    Literary Review
  • "This is a gripping account of two wars...a rich and rounded account...he has mastered a mass of complex material, and analysed it with great clarity and is hard to imagine the task being done better than this... History more breathtaking than any thriller"

    Sunday Telegraph
  • "Reminiscent of John Buchan and The Thirty-Nine Steps... Extreme stuff"

    Daily Mail
  • "Beautifully written and impeccably researched... a compelling work and by far the most comprehensive yet undertaken on the subject...The Wildest Province is a must-have acquisition for anyone remotely interested in the region, the war, its politics or the experiences of the men who fought there. I devoured the book quickly"

    The Times
  • "A tribute to average men with the guts to be extraordinary... The author's research is monumental"

    Sunday Express