• The plotting is complex, astonishing and perfect. It brims with good nature and generosity of's full of jokes, suspense, cliffhangers, narrative reversals and pathos'

    Jonathan Coe, Time Out
  • I think the Oedipus Tyrannus, The Alchemist, and Tom Jones, the three most perfect plots ever planned. And how charming, how wholesome, Fielding always is! To take him up after Richardson, is like emerging from a sick room heated by stoves, into an open lawn, on a breezy day in May

    Samuel Taylor Coleridge
  • An exquisite picture of human manners

    Edward Gibbon, author of The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire
  • I am shocked to hear you quote from so vicious a book. I am sorry to hear you have read it: a confession which no modest lady should ever make

    Samuel Johnson talking about Tom Jones

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