• "The prose . . . is so gloriously funny you can relish the book over and over again."

    The Times
  • "Quite possibly the funniest book the master of comedy ever wrote."

    i paper (feel good books)
  • "A sheer joy to read."

    Yahoo: 40 best books to read before you die
  • "It's illegal to put together any list of the funniest books in English without including Wodehouse. [His] incredibly delicate descriptive touch (for example, of a particularly burly character: "as if Nature had intended to make a gorilla, and had changed its mind at the last moment") and sense of timing elevate a country house farce involving a policeman's hat, a cow-creamer and a would-be British fascist leader into something which glows with an effortless, sunny brilliance."

  • "To have one of his books in your hand is to possess by way of a pill that can relieve anxiety, rageiness, or an afternoon-long tendency towards the sour. Paper has rarely been put to better use than printing Wodehouse."

    Caitlin Moran