Celtic United

Glasgow and Manchester - Two Football Clubs, One Passion

Frank Worrall

Bestselling author Frank Worrall digs deep to highlight the similarities between the clubs' fans and teams, builds a vivid picture of the tragedies and triumphs that have befallen both, and looks at the altruistic intent behind their formation.

Worrall also discusses the reasons why United and Celtic became the first two British clubs to win the European Cup, how they have each had a brilliant but tragic star within their ranks (George Best and Jimmy Johnstone respectively) and analyses the work of the men who have played for and managed each club.

Also given a voice in Celtic United are the fans who proudly swear allegiance to both teams. Rod Stewart, arguably their most famous fan, explains his affection for Celtic and United and describes how it came about that both teams feature in the lyrics of his song 'You're in my Heart'.

  • Mainstream Publishing
  • Published 1st November 2007
  • 352 Pages
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