• "Her nephew Quentin Bell claims that the thirty volumes of Woolf's diary are a masterpiece.Anne Olivier Bell has reduced them to a single volume. It think it is still a masterpiece"

    A.S. Byatt, Evening Standard
  • "I stick by the old heresy, that Woolf’s diary is her greatest achievement. An enthrallingly uncensored portrait of a brilliantly perceptive mind as it moves through a fascinating world in complex times"

    Alan Hollinghurst, New York Times
  • "One of the glories of our literature"

    Paul Levy
  • "She made portraits exact, more clairvoyant, more living than those of any writer I know"

    P.N. Furbank
  • "A work of the highest imaginative genius, with powers of perception and description unexampled in our time"

    Isaiah Berlin