• "Short gives an extremely vivid account of the way Mitterrand exercised the office of president"

    Jonathan Derbyshire, Prospect
  • "An excellent new book... The story of the rebuilding of France after the war in an equally embittered and divided republic"

    Andrew Adonis, New Statesman
  • "A compelling read for anyone interested in international power politics"

    Richard Davenport-Hines, Daily Telegraph
  • "[Mitterrand] remains an endlessly fascinating figure, and Philip Short tells the story expertly in this deeply researched and marvellously readable biography"

    David A. Bell, Guardian
  • "A stunningly detailed investigation of a monumental political character"

    Robert Collins, Sunday Times
  • "Philip Short, a former Paris correspondent for the BBC, makes excellent use of new interviews with Mitterrand's family to portray a flawed hero described by his own doctor as a mixture of "Machiavelli, Don Corleone, Casanova and the Little Prince"."

    Sunday Business Post
  • "Well-rounded"

    Tobias Grey, Spectator
  • "Excellent"

    Patrick Marnham, Mail on Sunday
  • "I don’t know why this extremely interesting book has not been more noticed… [A] gripping account"

    Charles Moore, Daily Telegraph
  • "A riveting read for anyone interested in political psychology"

    Matthew Campbell, Sunday Times