• "From the arresting title to the final chapter, Dhami propels the reader into a world of uncertainty and intrigue, as she dares to imagine the unthinkable . . . With a final twist in the tale, this psychological thriller sensitively explores issues that surround mental health while delivering a page-turning read"

    Waterstone's Books Quarterly
  • "The author builds the tension superbly and the reader feels as if they are inching their way along the school corridor towards classroom 9D and the gunman . . . The ending is completely unexpected and rather a shock"

  • "Dhami produces an electrifying twist that leaves the reader reeling. Brilliant"

  • "Easy to read and continually gripping, this is a fine contribution from an already prolific author"

    Books For Keeps
  • "Edge-of-the-seat drama with an ingenious twist"

    Writing Magazine