• "Sometimes you come across a book which makes you happy. Recently, I did just that... [Maths for Mums and Dads] is brilliant, and exactly what far too many parents (including myself) need"

    Sarah Ebner, The Times
  • "A useful guide through the basics of primary school maths, covering problems you are likely to be confronted with"

    Natasha Harding, Sun
  • "This book is an absolute triumph. Given the authors' reputations, I would expect nothing less"

    Liz Woodham, Primary Maths Journal
  • "This book will take the terror out of maths for all the generations"

    Joanna Trollope
  • "This delightful little book is perfect for parents who want to understand the different methods to do arithmetic their children are learning - and why they are being taught that way. The authors' easy going style and humor should help ease the path for parents for whom mathematics brings feelings of dread"

    Keith Devlin, Stanford University, author of 'The Math Gene' and 'Mathematics Education for a New Era: Video Games as a Medium for Learning'

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