• "The fascination is horrible, the prose addictive, the situation magnificently claustrophobic, the denouement shocking"

    Alan Taylor, Herald
  • "Morrison has created far more than a sinister take on the country-house novel... This is a suspenseful thriller, but more importantly it succeeds as an exceedingly clever investigation into the strangeness of lies"

    Christian House, Independent on Sunday
  • "A compelling psychological thriller that, in parts, will cause you to actually flinch"

    Ben Felsenberg, Metro
  • "Delightfully twisted"

    David Mills, Esquire
  • "This is one achievement among several for Blake Morrison, who has written a novel that is at once artful and naturalistic, restrained and yet suggestive, and faithful to a perspective from which the readers wants to recoil"

    Stephen Abell, Times Literary Supplement