• "Tender funny, tragic, wise, tender and beautifully written. It also left me gasping with shock...It is with a mixture of respect and delight that I greet any book capable of blasting an entire genre out of the water with its audacity and grace. Tender Morsels is such a book"

    Meg Rosoff, Guardian
  • "A work of genius, with richly inventive language and a brilliantly imagined fairy tale context... the brutal moments are woeven in like dark threads in a rich and complex tapestry"

    Dinah Hall, Sunday Telegraph
  • "A novel that explores the most profound human emotions with a clear gaze; it made me weep like a child at the end"

  • "A striking retelling of the Grimms' Snow White and Rose Red, told in a rich yet remote prose style, it is, like Lanagan's award-winning collection of short stories, Red Spikes, likely to appeal to teenage girls with a taste for the original and the sinister"

    Amanda Craig, The Times
  • "It's a rewardingly complex and emotional story told in highly imaginative prose. The worlds Lanagan creates are so rich and multi-layered it's easy to get lost in the book's 500 pages, never wanting to leave"