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    When I say that Pam Ayres ought to be the Oxford Professor of Poetry, even the Poet Laureate, I am not being facetious ... Ayres uses simple verse forms - comic ballads or folk song idioms - to make poignant observations about tiresome husbands, gossiping wives, false teeth or battery hens.
    I find her work sweet and sour, gentle and sad, and often very moving in its wistful way


    Roger Lewis, Daily Mail
  • "Her wistful, funny and perceptive verse captures both the joy and unfairness of life"

    Sunday Times
  • "A wonderful, wonderful book"

    Paul O’Grady
  • "Her humour, which verges on the black at times, is contagious and so original"

    Daily Telegraph
  • "A national treasure. There are clear comparisons between Pam and Sir John Betjeman"

    Daily Express