• "In his crowded career and his eventful life, Ngugi has enacted, for all to see, the paradigmatic trials and quandaries of a contemporary African writer caught in sometimes implacable political, social, racial, and linguistic currents"

    John Updike, The New Yorker
  • "Delicate, fresh and scrupulously honest...calm and mature"

  • "Moving, honest and informative, this is a book about the influence of stories, storytelling and storytellers. It is a reminder that every generation, however beleaguered, can dream to change the world"

  • "The work he offers us here is like nothing that's gone before: it is the chronicle of a child's single-minded pursuit of an education.... The picture of Kenya that he presents is admirably free of cant or sentimentality, and yet it is enough to make you weep"

    Washington Post
  • "Ngugi has returned to his roots to produce something delicate, fresh and scrupulously honest"

    Michela Wrong, The Spectator