• Reads like a Raymond Chandler for the twenty-first century . . . As a thriller writer, Steve Bunce wipes the floor with Stieg Larsson

    Tony Parsons, Daily Mirror
  • A devastating evocation of the way the sport functions at its basest level

    George Kimball, author of the bestselling Four Kings
  • One of only a handful of recent additions to a genre once distinguished by men like Leonard "Fat City" Gardner and Budd "The Harder They Fall" Schulberg

    The Independent
  • What Bunce has done brilliantly in The Fixer is to borrow heavily from his decades in and around boxing as participant, commentator and salesman to tell a fictional tale that is disturbingly close to the real thing

    The Observer
  • The story crackles with so much authenticity that you can almost smell the stale sweat and leather as you turn the pages

    Sport Magazine

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