• "I adore, admire and - more - am addicted to Caitin Moran's writing"

    Nigella Lawson
  • "I have been waiting for this book my whole life"

    Claudia Winkleman
  • "This might just be the funniest intelligent book ever written .. Moran's work packs a feminist punch in a way that Germaine Greer and an entire army of female eunuchs could never do, because she writes about things we've all done, thought, and said - but not quite so eloquently...the book everyone will be talking about"

  • "Moran's writing sparkles with wit and warmth. Like the confidences of your smartest friend"

    Simon Pegg
  • "It would almost be unkind to call this an important book, because what it mostly is is engaging, brave and consistently, cleverly naughtily funny, but actually it is important that we talk about this stuff"

    Katy Guest, Independent on Sunday