• "A truly fascinating and eye-opening account of a phenomenon so commonplace we barely think about it, yet one which is also mind-bogglingly complicated. Once you've read The Music Instinct, you'll never listed to music the same way again"

    Doug Johnstone, Independent
  • "Remarkable capacity to use words to open our ears"

    Damian Thompson, Sunday Telegraph, Book of the Week
  • "I defy anyone to read this book without coming away better informed about why music affects us in such a profound way... His passion for music is evident on every page, and his enthusiasms are infectious."

    Bee Wilson, The Sunday Times
  • "If you try listening to music after reading this book, you'll probably hear it differently - more knowingly, even"

    Tom Payne, Telegraph
  • "This book surveys current thinking and tells you why music rocks"

    rev’d Iain Finlayson, Times