• "Earthy and philosophical and essential . . . <i>Motherhood</i> floats, as did Heti’s excellent novel <i>How Should a Person Be?</i>, somewhere between fiction and nonfiction. It reads like an inspired monologue . . . <b>Heti’s semi-fiction, like that of writers like Ben Lerner, Rachel Cusk and Teju Cole, among others, is dismantling our notions of what a novel should be</b> . . . She deals out her ideas in no-nonsense form, as if she were pulling espresso shots . . . This book is endlessly quotable, and a perfect review would be nothing but quotations. She makes a banquet of her objections to parenthood. <b>If you are an underliner, as I am, your pen may go dry</b> . . . Indeed, Heti always seems to be drawing from a paranormally deep well . . . Funny . . . Cannily employed."

    The New York Times