• "Brilliantly observed, thrillingly rude and laugh-out-loud funny"

    Helen Fielding
  • "A Portnoy's Complaint for girls… when I see this book described as "laugh-out-loud funny" I feel affronted; it could make you laugh out loud with one hand tied behind its back, while wanking itself off to fantasies of Satan. Laughing out loud is just the start"

    Zoe Williams, The Guardian
  • "spirited coming of age novel romps from strength to strength…I’m a Moran fan"

    Lionel Shriver, The Times
  • "This isn’t a sleek, slick novel, but it is a rambunctious, raw-edged, silly-profound and deeply relatable guide to what your worst mistakes can teach you, and it has much to offer teenagers both actual and inner"

    The Independent
  • "I have so much love for Caitlin Moran"

    Lena Dunham
  • "Binge-read all of #HowToBuildAGirl in one sitting. Even missed supper. A first"

    Nigella Lawson
  • "She writes with breathtaking brio…Moran shows her shining soul — which is even more remarkable than her wit — when she writes about being young, looking for love and the utter vileness of the class system . . .almost every page has something on it which makes you smile, makes you sad or makes you think — often all three at once, in one sentence"

    Julie Burchill, The Spectator
  • "A riotous read with jokes galore cut through with lightly handled serious observations about the nature of poverty and the challenges of emerging female sexuality. It is also stunningly rude…"

    Sunday Express
  • "Exuberant, funny coming-of-age tale with a highly-literate, resourceful Wolverhampton teen at its centre. As building girls goes this is one alternative instruction manual every woman should read"

    Daily Express
  • "The self-conscious agonies of precocious yet sensitive Dolly ring painfully true, while the witty sex scenes, boozy anecdotes and one-liners make this great fun…"

    Sunday Mirror