• "Lodge is a clear, sceptical writer, wise about things and a careful reader and in general kind even to people who plainly irritate him"

    Sam Leith, Spectator
  • "Lodge’s animating spark is his sedulousness, his ability to marshal the facts, pronounce a judgement and then subtly qualify it"

    DJ Taylor, Independent on Sunday
  • "Lodge, too original a writer to set down a conventional autobiography, re­veals himself in fragments, an anecdote here, a recollection there. The collection, then, is a kind of trick: portraits of others disguising a book about himself... This is a hybrid work, well-suited to its hybrid author – rooted in fact but entranced by fiction"

    Sophie Elmhirst, Financial Times
  • "The shrewd, amused intellect that Lodge brings to bear makes this collection a consistent pleasure… Wise and genial"

    Tim Martin, The Times
  • "Generous but discriminating, lucid without sacrificing complexity"

    Theo Tait, Sunday Times