• "Majestically satisfying...a deliciously oppressive page-turner"

    Steven Poole, Guardian
  • "Immensely enjoyable and gloriously dark... He has accomplished that toughest of literary feats: putting his own unmistakable mark on one of Shakespeare's most celebrated plays"

    Matt Gibson, Daily Express
  • "Inventive and deeply satisfying... a dark but ultimately hopeful Macbeth, one suited to our own troubled times"

    James Shapiro, New York Times Book Review
  • "Nesbo makes excellent use of all the atmosphere of his genre, and the stakes at play are every bit as convincing as those in the original... This is Nesbo doing what he's good at"

    Lucy Scholes, Independent
  • "Macbeth as a SWAT team leader. His wife as a former prostitute. The three witches as drug dealers. It's Shakespeare's darkest tale -- reimagined by the king of Nordic noir"

    Graeme Thomson, Mail on Sunday