• "Extraordinary…dazzling… a sprawling, generous, warm-hearted epic of 1970s New York"

  • "Staggering…gloriously ambitious"

    Independent on Sunday
  • "A novel of head-snapping ambition and heart-stopping power – a novel that attests to its young author’s boundless and unflagging talents"

    New York Times
  • "Exciting, imaginative and perfectly paced"

    Daily Telegraph
  • "Dickensian, massively entertaining, as close to a great American novel as this century has produced"

    Stephen King
  • "You’re soon zipping through Hallberg’s vividly realised New York like a child discovering Hogwarts for the first time"

    The Times
  • "This book felt to me like a DVD boxset, in that each chapter was so short that I’d find myself reading just one more, just one more, and then find myself still reading an hour later. I love this book: this is definitely for me the best book we’ve done on the Book Club this year."

    Simon Mayo Radio 2 Book Club
  • "Once I started Hallberg's addictive soap opera shuttling between uptown and downtown Manhattan, I couldn't stop ... This is The Goldfinch with a safety pin through its beak."

    James Kidd, Independent
  • "A tour de force"

    Daily Mail