• "Nigella Lawson’s How to Eat is one of my favourite cookbooks of all time. And with Simply Nigella she has written an equal to her great work, a wonderful volume containing page after page of things you actually want to cook. Who could resists oxtail on toast, Malaysian red-cooked chicken and smoky salted caramel sauce? It’s a cookbook to adore, the sort that will become cracked and stained with constant loving use."

    Tom Parker Bowles, Mail on Sunday
  • "An array of easy post-work suppers, cosy bowls of deliciousness and satisfying sweet treats"

  • "A complete pleasure"

    Cathy Rentzenbrink, Prima
  • "Packed with recipes that make a perfect antidote to the busiest time of the year"

    Tamsin Burnett-Hall, Sainsbury's Magazine
  • "’Simply Nigella’ is the perfect antidote to our busy lives, a calm and delightful celebration of food that soothes and uplifts"

  • "Nigella has not disappointed with this spectacular book – it’s guaranteed to be a kitchen stalwart for years to come!"

    Great British Food
  • "A wonderful collection of feel good food!"

    Hot Brands Cool Places
  • "Her best yet. A beauty of a book."

    Jeanette Winterson, Guardian
  • "Nigella Lawson is one of the best and most influential of British food writers."

    Ruth Rogers, co-author of The River Cafe Cookbook
  • "You made me realise that every meal is a celebration. You didn’t teach me how to cook. You taught me how to eat."

    Nigel Slater, Observer