• "<b>The brilliant new novel from the international bestselling author of <i>Home</i> and <i>Fool Me Once</i>. Mistaken identities, dark family secrets and mysterious conspiracies lie at the heart of this gripping new thriller.</b>"

    from the publisher's description
  • "<b>The modern master of the hook and twist</b>, luring you in on the first page only to shock you on the last"

    Dan Brown
  • "<b>Simply one of the all-time greats</b> - pick up any one of his thrillers and you’ll find a riveting, twisty, surprising story with a big, beating heart at its core."

    Gillian Flynn
  • "Coben is a phenomenon - <b>the most reliable of American thriller-writers</b>, the least likely to disappoint ... the true mystery is Coben's extraordinary capacity to keep writing such wonderful thrillers"

    The Times
  • "As <b>moreish</b> as ever"

    The Sunday Times